First MATLAB virtual conferencence Ever

In one of the posts, we were discussing about internet based team tools for collaboration. This might be an extension of our topic on cloud computing.

Well, I found something interesting related to this.I have come accross the First MATLAB conference which is going to be held on Oct 14th 2009.

In this conference we can learn about the latest upcoming features in the MATLAB product, we can learn how to solve your current engineering challenges, and network with colleagues from around the globe.Attend the conference without leaving your desk and is free.

Video on MATLAB virtual conference:

I tried to embed the video which is not a youtube file, for better view go to the link" width="100%

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Problems faced when there is no ERP in an organizations

Though I talked about all risks, disadvantages of ERP in my presentation about "overview of an ERP" in last class, I have my personal experiences at my company which has got no ERP.

I worked for a small company for six months and I know almost all in and out processes of the company.They dont have a common database and they dont have a chat system so that all the departments interact and coordinate with each other. Its not necessary for them to buy an ERP from a vendor. But, I hope its always better to have a software something similar to ERP which has common database.Here are some reasons that support the previous statement.

We have mail ids of around 40,000 data and the data is updated daily as there will be many walkins to various offices located at different places across India. This data is always submitted to E-services department and we always collect data from that department whenever necessary.I generally used to maintain backup of the entire data.Instead, I always feel that its better to have online access to the data for all the employees depending on the authorizations so that they can use it whenever necessary.It facilitates daily activities, reduces operating costs and time consumption for every request asking the E-services department to send the data is reduced.It gives a strategic planning to the business organization, better coordination with all the departments,provides useful interface for the employees.

ERP has many advantages and also many disadvantages.No doubt, big organizations should go for ERP.But, they should take proper decisions at every step in the process of maintaining an ERP considering the negative effects of it. I feel moderation in ERP is better for smaller organizations.

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Our first presentation on 'Overview of ERP"

We have given a presentation on "Overview of ERP" on 1st Sep 09.We have divided our presentation into three main slides.And here are our downloadable links of our presentation slides.

Get first PPT from
Get second PPT from
Get last PPT from

Play game here:

Hope this will help you in order to recapitulate about the presentation.

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Thoughts on database integration presention

At work we are working on a project where there are 3 SQL database. It was a pain getting all three to work together. Basically we built a layer that hid all the complexity behind the scenes otherwise in our code would have been too tightly coupled with the 3 database, in other words if one of the 3 databases changed our code would break.

The integration presentation by Sysintteam expressed the benefits of integrating the databases. Looking back my last project at work, I wish we had taken that route. In our case we could not integrate them in to one database directly but the presentation reminded me of the two other ways to integrate the databases (replication and virtual). In my own words I would call both of them them a "virtual single database". I don't really care what goes on behind the scenes as from an outside view it would act as one and that is all that matter to me.

So if we could have hide all the data complexity in one of the data integration options, we could have made our project more maintainable and much simpler which equals lower cost.

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COBOL >>>>>>>

It was interesting yesterday the talk on COBOL still being the big daddy of the programming world . I read this article , I thought it will be worth a look.

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Integrating ERP : Some Considerations .

While going through ERP , we thought instead of focusing on the technical implementation of an ERP system in an organization it will be better if we consider the strategic implications of the system. I believe that more than the execution it is the planning that goes in an implementation is more important . I was reading through this book called "Enterprise Resources Planning and Beyond: Integrating your Entire Organization " by Gary. Langenwalter, and I came through this real good analysis of overall implementation and integration of ERP system in an organization.

The book talks about "Integration" as a vital component of an ERP system, and divides the whole implementation into Integration steps at various levels. It talks about the following integrating functionality.

  1. Executive Direction and Support Integration
  2. Customer Integration
  3. Engineering Integration
  4. Manufacturing Integration
  5. Support Service Integration
  6. Technical Integration.
Apart from this I would also like to talk more about the selection process involved in regards to ERP systems and also a topic that I really love which is the People side of implementing an ERP in an Organization .

The whole buzzword whike thinking of ERP should be thought in terms of Integration . Cause the main purpose of an ERP is to integrate functionality and knowledge and from an effective communication channel between various units of an organization.

I would like to make each of the above stated integrating functionality (as I like to call them), into separate blog titles .

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