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It was interesting yesterday the talk on COBOL still being the big daddy of the programming world . I read this article , I thought it will be worth a look.

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Bill Stephens said...

Before I left the field of programming to be a tech writer, I had consecutive projects that were writing large applications in Microfocus COBOL that were running under UNIX on servers (not the mainframe). It has been awhile; these were projects that had to be written and implemented as a result of Y2K.

Surprisingly enough, these applications could not run as fast as the standard mainframe applications. However, the trend had turned against the mainframe as the platform of choice. The cycle had turned to new technologies including servers.

The article was good reading. The sheer number of mainframe COBOL code is huge. Do not expect the mainframe to be gone anytime soon. Thanks for the article.

Bill Stephens

doomsberry said...

Sometimes I feel to get a secure job I should start working on mainframes and learn COBOL

Mike said...

Its quite interesting to get a chance of reading about COBOL. It was second language that I learned in my college. The first one was "PASCAL". We wrote very long programs for COBOL. Its very easy language.
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