Integrating ERP : Some Considerations .

While going through ERP , we thought instead of focusing on the technical implementation of an ERP system in an organization it will be better if we consider the strategic implications of the system. I believe that more than the execution it is the planning that goes in an implementation is more important . I was reading through this book called "Enterprise Resources Planning and Beyond: Integrating your Entire Organization " by Gary. Langenwalter, and I came through this real good analysis of overall implementation and integration of ERP system in an organization.

The book talks about "Integration" as a vital component of an ERP system, and divides the whole implementation into Integration steps at various levels. It talks about the following integrating functionality.

  1. Executive Direction and Support Integration
  2. Customer Integration
  3. Engineering Integration
  4. Manufacturing Integration
  5. Support Service Integration
  6. Technical Integration.
Apart from this I would also like to talk more about the selection process involved in regards to ERP systems and also a topic that I really love which is the People side of implementing an ERP in an Organization .

The whole buzzword whike thinking of ERP should be thought in terms of Integration . Cause the main purpose of an ERP is to integrate functionality and knowledge and from an effective communication channel between various units of an organization.

I would like to make each of the above stated integrating functionality (as I like to call them), into separate blog titles .

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Natalia said...

Is it true that ERP implementation is a time consuming process and takes many years to complete ? While studying about this concept I have read this point many times. The considerations that you have suggested in this article are worth noticing. Thanks for all these points.
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