Thoughts on database integration presention

At work we are working on a project where there are 3 SQL database. It was a pain getting all three to work together. Basically we built a layer that hid all the complexity behind the scenes otherwise in our code would have been too tightly coupled with the 3 database, in other words if one of the 3 databases changed our code would break.

The integration presentation by Sysintteam expressed the benefits of integrating the databases. Looking back my last project at work, I wish we had taken that route. In our case we could not integrate them in to one database directly but the presentation reminded me of the two other ways to integrate the databases (replication and virtual). In my own words I would call both of them them a "virtual single database". I don't really care what goes on behind the scenes as from an outside view it would act as one and that is all that matter to me.

So if we could have hide all the data complexity in one of the data integration options, we could have made our project more maintainable and much simpler which equals lower cost.

Posted by Jimmy Dickinson on 10:55 AM


Jack G. Zheng said...

I am really glad you can learn things from presentations. Presentations may not give your full understanding or complete solutions; but they do provide starting points for additional resources and different perspectives. They may not provide details or specifics, but they broaden your thoughts and expose you to new information and knowledge.

Tani said...

While creating the new opportunity in 3 SQL database my product is not appearing in the items list even though it is present in the material master hence i cannot create a new opportunity and a sales order. Please advise.
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