CIS 8020 Assignment 2 [Asha Deepika, Attaluri] [Google Visualization API]

1.     Scenario :
I used to work as a web designer for a company and also used to work for the online market outreach of our website. Our website has hundreds of web pages and many online tools in order to help students planning for higher education .As part of IT Department; I need to constantly keep an eye on number of webhits of our site (using in order to track the number of people using our website. According to, we had 20,000 hits per day in the month of Nov,2008 and we had 15,000 hits per day in the month of Dec,2009. So, I was asked to educate counselors and all other employees about our website so that they can share our links with the customers/students and promote our website.

2.     Using Google Visualization API for a potential solution:
So, in order to educate employees about our website, I need to show our graph on the homepage of the employee using Google Visualization API.

3.     Output:
(Click on the key to see the graph animate)

4.     Why Google Visualization API:
It is one of the best ways to represent graphs on a HTML page. Moreover, it helped me in providing a platform to create, share and reuse visualizations for all my employees.

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