CIS 8020 Assignment 2 James D Google Pie Chart

We (My bothers and I) are developing a set of educational games called These games allow students to share a computer by using multiple mice on a single computer. We are are almost in the marketing phase and we have been trying to get a feel for who has interest in our project. We already know that we have many visits from the USA, but our focus is for developing countries. So what country would be best to launch our project?

We are pulling live analytical data from our web traffic but just takes too much time to analyze the data. Google charts allow us to display in a simple way to give us direction in our marketing efforts and development direction. The google pie chart below pulls live date from a google spread sheet. So as we update this data our chart reflects the changes.

(Click on the key to see the pie graph animate)

Tools used:

This google chart api has some advantages over other solutions such as a report created in excel. Cheap, fast, dynamic and connects to google docs or other feeds. The connection to a data feed allows the chart to be updated as the data is updated.

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