CIS8020 Assignment 2[RM][Google Visualization API]

The scenario is of a Human Resource section of FOXX Technologies INC. The department wants to recruit a new CEO from the current employees, and for recruiting a new boss they need to take care of many factors like the number of years in service at Foxx Technologies, the size of the sections they are heading right now, the future plan of emphasis is on which department, the popularity of the candidates among prominent stake holders. Most of these factors can be visualized using Google INC’s visualization API’s. These API’s form a nice visualization of the factors and help in forming a better decision.
I will be using various API’s from Google Visualization to make this process simpler.
The following API gives the current structure of Foxx Technologies:

The above mentioned image will let the HR know who what the hierarchy in the organization is .

The above mentioned the gadget portrays the department wise distribution of the human resource. This makes it useful for the HR to see what size of people the individual MD’s have headed.
The following visualization represents the immediate concerns that are ahead of Foxx in term of its stake holders. This also helps in making decision as it represents which person will be more apt for the new post.

Another important factor that needs to be taken care of is the popularity of the candidate among stakeholders. A small survey was taken and the results were represented in form of a visualization that can help us determine who among the candidates is considered to be most popular choice with the stakeholders.

The reason for using the above mentioned Google Visualization gadgets was the ease of using them, the rich representation that they offered, and the flexibility of using them. These gadgets are ideal for small organizations that do not want to spend more money on importing dashboard visualization software. These are free, scalable and are easy to use. Every organization can built up more applications based on these API’s.
Another option I would have had is to use Microsoft VISIO for achieving the same, but again it is static and could not be hosted on web. Google API’s offer more flexibility and scalability than Visio.

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