Enlightened about wide gamut of mashups.......

Mash up is simply a combination of two or more mapping sevices like Google Earth, Yahoo Maps or Virtual Earth and an application that updates itself everytime the data changes.

The number of Mashups are increasing tremendously day by day.And here are some of the popular and basic examples of mashups.

  • Maps Mashup( Eg: dynamically updated maps showing traffic jams on their commute to work, crime incidents in their neighborhoods, all the public Wifi locations within a five-mile radius, new sightings of animal or plant species they care about, the locations of public bathrooms, the actual movement of buses along their routes, the impact of global warming on bird migrations). 
  •  photo mash ups include combining news feeds, maps and a set of tagged photos to provide an interactive view of what’s happening(Eg: flickr, facebook).
  • Weather Mashup (Eg: http://weather.weatherbug.com/ )
  • Mashups for end user to provide good consumer services which enables the consumers to interact with the companies brands. (Eg: Yahoo, Google, Amazon)
  • Mashup on fidelity labs (Eg: http://homesold.fidelitylabs.com/index.shtml)
  •  Real Estate Mashups  
  • Above all, we can create our own customized mashups according to our requirement.

Some more interesting Mashups :
job search mashup - http://glendor.com
parking mashup - http://www.parkingcarma.com 

Here are the links to the wonderful sites which update about new evolving mashups...


Posted by Asha on 2:36 AM


Lubna said...

Hey Asha..

That was really a very informative post. I have a question though. I came across the following information from Wikipidea:
Does this relate to the mash ups that you have mentioned? I suppose the above link helps in giving a technical perspective involved in the process like using open APIs and data sources. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

Asha said...

Web application hybrid or mashups both are same.... The definiton of mashup itself is combination of various kinds of web applications and so masups are called web application hybrid......

Lubna, the link provided by you is very good that it compares Mashups and Portals giving us better idea..

Thank you.

phillc said...

IMHO, good presentation. You definitely opened up a blindness that I have created to myself... For a moment I went ???? to the idea that using Google charts makes a mashup.

Thinking of it more thoroughly, right.

But on the other hand, it can demonstrate how a word can transition to a buzzword quickly. Just like "Web 2.0", "mashup" has become a term where you hear people who don't understand anything overuse... just saying,

"Make it a _____!"

where the blank could be "mashup", "web 2.0", or any buzzword... and for those in the know want more information on what the boss/client means... (and they will probably just say it again or say just do it... *sigh*).

Juhi said...

Just little more on Mashups

The term mash up came from the field of music. A musical mash up is a remix of two or more songs into a new piece of music.

A Web mash up is a new application that is created by pulling together two or more complementary Web-based applications and/or data sources.

Hey asha check the following link

It lets you create mashup's.The site has a feature called tag cloud which will give you a list of similar mashups.


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