Exploring XUL

I came across this cool XUL editor when I was trying to do some research on XUL for our presentation. It is a simple editor which can help preview XUL on a tab or in a separate pop up window. It has a list of snippets that can be used in the editor. Very simple to use and fun to play with.

You can get this editor from

I was also trying to search few applications that I could find on XUL. I found this website which has nice collection of XUL applications.

There is another interesting story behind the name "zool". The name refrences to the movie "Ghostbusters". In the movie the ghost of an ancient Sumerian deity called Zuul possesses one of the characters called Dana Barrett.In the movie after it possesses it declares -"There is no Dana , only Zuul". XUL developers similary adopted the slogan "There is no data, there is only XUL". Hence the namespace URI at the beginning of every XUL document :


Creating A Simple Application in XUL:

This is fun. Application creation in XUL only requires a simple text editor and a firefox browser to run on(yeah only firefox!!).Here I am trying to demonstrate a very simple application in XUL. This is a hello world example. Click on the Box below.

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Asha said...

Rahul, please post code about the tabs on the left of the browser that you have shown as an example of our presentation about XUL.. Its a different appearance of the browser...

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