First I read this then I read the other ---> Google on clouds

My desktop has no software. My Laptop only functions as a terminal. Well I don’t know how exciting it is for you all but for me just getting up and connecting to some totally virtual, all my hard drives, all my software are somewhere in virtual reality.
We all had this real discussions on clouds during are presentations, and I bet clouds are as interesting as a concept. I was going through “Computer World” and I came across this article on “Google INC” going into making desktop clouds. This is thought as a direct competition to Microsoft’s operating system empire. The company announced last week that it plans to design versions of its Google Apps hosted software that meet the unique needs of the US government.
These applications will be hosted on Google’s data centers. Even though a government contract will validate Google apps and cloud still the magazine warns about the way in which Google is going to allay fears regarding security, reliability and availability of these applications.
Ref” Computerworld”, September 21/28, 2009, Vol.43, No29. Page 8

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