I just had this question , were IT departments more productive and efficient when they were programming in COBOL on mainframes as it required them to LEARN what they are doing and be more cautious in their approach and use of resources or now when they with IDE's can produce junks of code without even knowing whats going around in background. Does this automation came with loss of flexibility.

Posted by doomsberry on 10:02 AM


Asha said...

Good Question...

I think writing code or using an IDE ..both has pros and cons...

Though writing code is time consuming,programmers know what they are doing and makes them perfect with the language.May be this might be the reason that COBOL programmers are always in demand.

IDE is not time consuming and makes our job easy.But, this brings gap between the programmer and code.

These are my thoughts.But,in order to get proper answers, we need to wait for commentors who have direct experience with COBOL language

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