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For my CIS 8080 class, I had to research a security solution and we chose nuBridges. So why am I showing you this on our systems integrations blog? nuBridges deals directly with the integration with outside systems and offers a simple and secure solution.

nuBridges is one of the many companies offering secure integration solution with their trading partners. Below is an animation to help explain how nuBridges works as well as our overview our finding about the solution.



Securely exchange any type of document (EDI, XML, any file) electronically with your trading partners while managing only a single data connection to us. This eliminates the need and cost of creating and managing a separate secure connection for each trading partner and each system that needs to communicate securely. Security is simplified and costs are cut.

Target Market

Medium and large businesses that need to exchange data securely.


  • Enables your business applications (ERP, HR, CRM, etc.) to exchange any business

  • documents automatically, seamlessly and without human intervention

  • A Web dashboard lets you monitor and manage your EDI* traffic.

  • Your trading partners can easily talk to a nuBridges expert (a real human being!) for help.

  • Managed services or custom implementations or both.



  • Price - So we offer simple pricing with no hidden charges – you pay by the kilo-character and that’s it.

  • Security - We allow only secure connections – no other EDI* VAN provider makes this claim.

  • Service -Premier customer service
    Business Value

  • Our “Switch to Save” program is designed to reduce VAN costs by at least 50% for most customers.

  • EDI* squeezes time and cost out of trading partner relationships - speeding order-to-cash, digitizing paper processes (buy, fulfill, pay) and giving you real-time visibility into the status of every EDI* transaction.

    *EDI = Electronic data interchange

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