Markup Based UI - XHTML

Table of Contents under XHTML

    * Introduction of XHTML
    * Browsers and XHTML
    * Server-side  management
    * Conclusions
    * Demo


Posted by Asha on 10:06 AM


Avinash said...

Nice presentation guys .....

Yesterday's presentation highlighted the importance of UI presentation in present day web application/windows applications.

It is amazing to see how these technologies can be used in sync with the existing technologies to create outstanding user interfaces.

Asha said...

We didnt had time to show many other practical applications of these technologies...We did our best to present all we know.. in given time period..

Thank you Avinash..

Prateek Swastik said...

But it was amazing when I researched a little on How to "deploy" applications written in XUL/XAML, I found out that it takes a lot of extra effort to develop application in these languages..

For example, if I want to develop a e-survey application in XAML , I must pluggin all the required softwares, then there is problem in hosting the application because it must integrate well with the web server (as XAML will be developed on Microsoft platform, so it may have some conflict)..

What do you guys think, what should be the best possible and efficient solution for this problem (e-survey).. O'course using a free online software is always an option.. But I am talking about development perspective..

doomsberry said...

First xaml and xul are two ver different technologies .I cannot tell you more about XMAL but about XUL's deployment and developement , it is too simple to deploy it . Now if you are talking about pre XUL runner deployements then they use to use something called Gecko. Now the XPCOMM component in Gecko use to have a huge code . This is not the case with XULrunner . Both the XPComm and XPath are not that bloated in it . Anyways these components are not needed for development and design , the are only required for deployment so the point of difficulty in developing them is bit too much to make .In comparison to all other UI that I saw I found XUL to be the simplest to develop on Mozilla run platforms .This is the only bad point with XUL that you need to run it only on Mozilla based platform. If you need help in DEPLOYING XUL applications let me know , cause i can then write another blog on both the Xpath and XPcomm , any help in deploying your zool applications let me know, we can work together on deployment and would be better for me to practically show you how simple it is.
PS: XUL only works on Mozilla Platforms .

Tom said...

An easy and quite affordable way to get the photoshop designs sliced into high quality web layouts.

You may want to take a look at this service at

Asha said...

Hey Tom,

This is a good website for converting sliced psd files into web layouts.And further, it has many advantages also that it converts into HTML, XHTML and also CSS with many other advantages.

I really dont know that such websites also exist.But does this convert only psd sliced files into web layouts or does it also convert corel draw sliced files also into HTML or XHTML????

doomsberry said...

what is psd slicing to do with xul/ xaml

Asha said...

Rahul, I think its about only psd slicing to HTML,XHTML and CSS... Its only for web designing and is not related to XUL/XAML..

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