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Well this post is not much of a typical system integration posts that have come up on various class blogs, but this is something very interesting that a friend of mine found out. To justify its inclusion in this class blog I could say it comes as a perfect example where we can integrate simple technology with small business to give amazing results (and mouthwatering). Well this is what a friend discovered at one of his visits to Vegas that he could order any fish he wanted to from the menu. Don’t get me wrong what amazed him was that the varied selection of seafood was so amazing that he could not believe he could get all this here in Vegas. The food was fresh, something locals would have eaten.

He had snappers, exotic lobsters, amberjacks and all and that too not at an exorbitant price tag. Well what he found out that behind all this feast there was technology that made it possible. Any fish that was the flavor was delivered fresh within 50 hrs of fishing it .

Gotcha (Ground zero):

When a fisherman caught something really amazing he pictured it mailed the picture to a buyer.

Buyer in Cruise control:

Looking for markets around the world, the buyer has all the data on this blackberry, he then while cruising around different markets Skype’s the find to chef in Vegas.

Come Together:

When the buyer has the fish finalized, he then packs his consignment. Live crustaceans are wrapped in towels and straw, and swimmers in wax papers. There is a smart chip attached to each fish, this is to check both the temperature and the freshness of the specimen.

Drive Baby Drive:

The shipper, or the flight agent, books multiple flights to Vegas. An on board GPS and navigation system tells the driver which airport will be closest. An optimal flight path is calculated and the driver is navigated towards the best airport.


During the flight to Vegas, most of the lobsters, crabs reach a semi-dormant stage. The chip helps maintain the temperature to ensure that the catch remains fresh.


Once the flight lands, the catch is packed in special refrigerated delivery trucks. The boxes are also internally cooled.


Once the catch arrives to the hotel, the smart chip is inserted into the computer and the data is analyzed. Also the fish are checked for appearance and odor.

Show me the expert:

The hotel employs a marine biologist, to check for liveliness. Healthy specimens are transferred to saltwater tanks and weaker once may be the sauce.


The best and the fresh twitching stuff just out of the chef’s kitchen. Enjoy.

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