SNAFU on Cloud

These are some of the outages that cloud computing caused. Instances like these still make you think is cloud computing the next future. I found few of these outages that were recently caused by clouds.

Microsoft Danger:

User of Sidekick lost their data during Microsoft Danger outages. Nor did Microsoft or TR-Mobile the provider of Sidekick gave an estimate of how much personal data was lost due to the service outage but still according to the forums it’s a big number .


I don’t know if any may noticed or even if they noticed if they remember about disruption on September 24 in mail services from Google. This was for not more than few hours but still it was twice in recent times that Google went into an outage. Though it was not completely Google’s fault and also heavily depended on various vendors that hosted the services but still it caused a lot of concerns regarding cloud computing and Google’s recent initiative to make desktop clouds for the US federal Government.

Twitters Whale on Birds:

Well I personally had no idea how was Twitter a cloud application or an application provider. It is when I read a news article on IT News that I did realize it to be one of the cloud applications. I am sure that anyone who uses Twitter has at least once seen the big whale lifted by birds saying that the service is out from Twitter. Bu still there was a big outage during morning and late afternoon that had social networking types fuming. A denial of service attack was blamed for it.

EBay’s PayPal Crash:

In early August a failure in PayPal had caused many of EBay’s customers from completing transaction. A network hardware problem was blamed for the failure which caused millions in damages to merchants.


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Asha said...

SNAFU cloud.. nice heading :).So all these failures are because of cloud internally... which I really never thought off....

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