Where The wILd mAShups aRe

We had some cool presentations in our class on mashups . Totally respect to guys who gave the presentation. I loved it. Now I was always amazed by this story called "Where Wild Things Are". When I heard that a movie was in making on this book, I was not going to miss it. I searched for the trailer on youtube and was hooked and amazed they way monsters are pictured in the movie. Respect.

How did they build a life like monster, the same curious question arouse while watching "The curious case of Benjamin Button",(For more than one hour in the movie is all computer generated, awesome ).

So how do I connect mashups and these two wonderfully made movies? Well read on and you will know.

As much I understood about, cutting the technicality and the web aspect of the concept, I understand mashups as an application (may be web based), that combines data from two or more data sources into one application. Thank you, Wikipedia. So when I read about "Where Wild things are", director Spike Jonze used more than 14 such applications to make one application that featured the monsters. Amazing right, read on.

Spike Jonze/ Jim Henson/ Creature Shop.

Jonze and Henson used Creature Shop to create different applications and then mashup them together to make a Muppet mastery of the wild beasts in the movie. When I say applications I actually mean models, just to get a clear picture. These monsters were made up of 14 models. These 14 models were classified into 3 main models types- head, body and face.


The f/x used a real head, real time creature heads were made and performers were inside these heads. I read that they could hardly see from these huge masks, so Jonze had to attach a video screen inside these heads to display the outside to the performers. There were speakers to relay voice. Cool.


Muscel suits , carbon arms , foam all used to make bodies . These huge bodies had performers under them. Animators created models from these suits. All these models were independent of each other.


The most exciting part of modeling. Here the animators created CG models of the creature's faces in post production and tracked them over what Jonze had shot on location. Using videos of the voice actors, the animators added expressions. The most difficult part was to calibrate non-human mouth movements.

Creature Shop>

This is where the real mashup begins. All the models , data , that was collected from the 3 components was used by this f/x application to make up a real life like creature. It took them years to integrate the data from all the data sources to model a life like monster. Voice, motion data from body suits, animated facial expressions, were all integrated at CS .

I have these cool videos that show how this was done, really amazing the way it integrates all processes.

  1. "Where wild things are"-Trailer.


  1. Ted on Curious case of Benjamin Button.


  1. Link to Creature Shop.


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Hey, are these monsters are created only using mashups or do they use any animation or other technology plus mashups? I wonder is it possible to create these applications using only mashups?

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