Social Media Integration

A friend of mine today forwarded me links to these two sites. These sites show how present organizations are creatively integrating various available social media sites to market their products.
First one is Skittles
Second one is for Campbell-Ewald Advertising

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Avik Mittra said...

There are many such social media sites all over the net these days. I completely agree that a lot of companies and even educational institutions these days are trying to capitalize on this fact and use this as a medium of publicity. Facebook being one of the most common examples.
I believe social medium is here to stay.

doomsberry said...

Social media is very important, i see no reason for it to go. I think sites formed over social media sites are more efficient , cause it provides an instant connection, we all use some sort of social media,, Cost effective, ihardly think any expense is incurred to make a site integrated with social media sites , as u can see in the above example , efficient - imagine how many are connected to these social networking sites , even one post can reach millions of people .But most important i think is the aspect of personal connections. Social media has come a long way from just getting in touch with your long lost friends . Its a mean business tool now .

Prateek Swastik said...

Agree Rahul, integrating a website with social media site is not at all expensive (rather I would say free). Lots of universities leverage this capability provided by social sites (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicious, Digg, etc) which have immense potential of forest fire publicity and provides better reachability to people. Some examples are :

Notice the icons of the popular social sites on these pages, which are embedded, so that you can follow them on web.

I am also working on doing a similar thing on our department's website. So, I take this opportunity to request you all to join these groups. :)

Asha said...

Links provided by Prateek... have some info and also links to some of the social media sites

But,the links provided by rahul is very creative as it is completely built on all social media sites like youtube,facebook, wikipedia. They really didnot make any site.They just integrated all to form a new one simple website.

doomsberry said...

@ Prateek ,
The reason I put these links up was because i was amazed by the way the sites utilized social media , they didnot even write a single page of code but still they utilized common social media platforms for their utilization.the point was to integrate various social media sites to leverage content not integrate social media "into"a site.
Anyways I do agree with the importance these sites play in connecting to directed audience.

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