My Black Friday

Shopping was never this easy and technology driven for me than this black Friday.It was crazy in fact the way my social networking sites and with help of a i-phone that I could actually make the full use of my precious little time last Friday.

Now I heard today that the English word of this year is twitter. Not bad.Still I am trying to hard to figure out that should i call Tweeter an English word. Any ways ,cheaptweet is wonderful for all you shoppers. It scans for all the tweets on the web that mention bargain or sale and displays them . Hard to miss this. Another one called BlackFriday, also does that for you. I had immense help from cheaptweet this Friday :)
Facebook come up with so many pages related to black friday shopping .Blackfriday, this is the one also gets you the best of shopping deals.
Another reason why I may buy an android over Iphone ,"we atleast have a choice now,--Pouge", this application changed my outlook towards Android, fuget android it will be safe to say towards the whole mobile thingy. Well I did not use this but a friend used this application on his android called- ShopSavvy, this application allows use to scan barcodes over the cell phone camera and then finds you the best online and local prices for that item. Cool.

I hope you guys had a wonderful Blackfriday and a even better thanksgiving , my last post ends with my fav topic--shopping. :)

Posted by doomsberry on 6:23 PM


jesspanda said...

It's all about for us ultra-cheap people, my friend. That and Goodwill, plus about three blog feeds, keep me eating and buying on the minimal.

Asha said...

hey i tried to use shopsavvy on my phone..I have installed it and unbelievably this application uses camera to read barcodes... unfortunately i really dont have an item with a barcode.right now at my home... but i want to see how it works after scanning the barcode ASAP...But its unbelievable that iphone can read barcodes. which i never thought of ...

waw Can my iphone camera detect barcode??..Is it having something like RFID or sensor?? :) .. how the installed application is able to do this???? cant believe..

jesspanda said...

Actually, there is this new thing from Microsoft that we are looking at for ticketing for MomoCon that is very similar to that barcode thing, only with little tags ( that can link back to databases of information about the item/product. It can be used with any digital camera or phone with photo capability or even a web cam, so long as the reading software is installed.

Jimmy said...

Apple normal does not discount products, they using just add new products. This year they didnt have a new product for black friday, so they discounted many of their products. If fact i got a refurbished iphone 3GS for 50$. Works and looks like new.

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