Wonderful Use of Web Maps by Maryland Govt.

I was going through the Maryland Govt website(while reading an article on web maps), I found that the Maryland govt has uniquely integrated its data with web map application.
Here you can see the total amount of stimulus dollars coming into the state and the counties that are receiving the funds.Projects show up on maps as pushpin-style icons that vary in size with spending in each area.
There is such a dept in data/information that the application provides.It is amazing use of technology .
Maryland Govt Web Map Application

Posted by doomsberry on 2:48 PM


Jack G. Zheng said...

That is a very nice application. But I am a bit hesitate to call it "integration" from a traditional system integration perspective. "Integration" implies that the original applications to be integrated are independent in some degree. The map thng here does not seem to be a separate application. What do you think?

Asha said...

Its so attractive, interactive and good to play with and learn things in the website fast :)

Its interesting and its the best example of Web map application....But, if many web applications called, I dont think so there exists any communication between these different web applications. Or there might be even only one web application that is always called to generate such page.

Avik Mittra said...

I couldn't find information on how the maps were being updated. Did you come across some data on that?

doomsberry said...

@Jack Zheng
yup made my research and found out that this is not an cluster of independent applications but rather one application it self. Much of it, according to a frnd, is written in SAS using the map functions.Couple of scripting langauges like java script are used in this application.
there no update done dynamically , its is an entire application it self,it uses some sas data sets to crunch the displayed data.
is really interesting the way they did it, will find more concrete info on this application and will keep you all posted.

Tarun Dhawan said...

I think its a pretty good example of integration .. the application itself seems to be written in Flex .. and it seems to be using a Web API .. the following link gives an idea as to how the map has been implemented .. http://www.esri.com/software/mapping_for_everyone/api/index.html ... something similar to how google maps works.

Prateek Swastik said...

New Look for USA.gov:

The General Services Administration plans to upgrade its USA.gov site and improve search capabilities across select federal Web Sites.
USA.gov, the government;s main public-facing Web Portal, will get a new look and content management capabilities in the next 12 months.
Change to the site are easier now that it's hosted by Terremark's Enterprise Cloud services. That's saving about $1.7 million a year on operations and capital, and the site responds faster to demand spikes.
Administrator wants to use improved search to make information more accessible. They say, "We have a tsunami of information, the challenge isn't necessarily putting information online or even accessing it. It's putting information online in a way that's easy to consume and digestible."
There search strategy may include using machine-learning for improved results and letting users sift through multiple content types. One goal is to integrate search across sites, including Recovery.gov, Data.gov, and USAspending.gov. GSA may even offer search as a service to other agencies.

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